New Technology

Unlike mechanical blenders used in the bunker industry our equipment employs the use of a jet mix process with viscosity trimming, a system used widely in the shore based petrochemical industry which ensures that the fuel is supplied as per the customers specific requirements. This equipment is fitted directly on the supply vessel.

Highly accurate metering equipment is incorporated in the blender package, which compensates for fuel in the supply hose, to be drained down to the supply vessel and not air blown into the receiving vessel, eliminating frothing of tanks and consequent erroneous tank ullages.

The complete bunkering operation is tamper free and eliminates human error and is monitored with a sophisticated computer system which generates the Bunker Delivery Receipt together with the invoice and a cd copy of the complete bunkering process giving fuel temperature, pressure and viscosity parameters together with loading rates.

A flow proportional sampler is installed within the blender which grabs droplets of fuel at the rate of one per second and the total sample is mechanically homogenised before dividing into commercial sample for supplier and receiver and Marpol samples as per Marpol Annex VI. This sampler gives a truer representative sample than the more commonly used drip sampler which is used on the vessels manifold.

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The computer systems automatically generate the Marpol Annex VI compliant Bunker Delivery Note. But more than this, along with our invoice we enclose for each delivery a CD-R on which we have downloaded all detail taken throughout the complete bunkering process including fuel temperature, viscosity and flow rates, Any stoppages are also logged. Registered Customers will also be allowed on-line access to our computer systems to obtain this information, as well as invoice and account detail. Soon to be available will be direct on line real time access to the blending process.